EUROPEN-PEN International pilots the worldwide network of Practice Enterprises since 1997 and ensures the promotion and harmonization of the concept’s educational practices. Each year, more than 250,000 trainees benefit from practical training in schools, universities and training centres around the world. Today, the network includes more than 7,000 Practice Enterprises in more than 40 countries.

A Practice Enterprise (PE) is a virtual company that runs like a real business silhouetting a real enterprise’s business procedures, products and services. A PE resembles a real company in its form, organization and function. Each company engages in business activities, both nationally and internationally, with other companies within the PE network, following standard commercial business procedures and frameworks.

A PE offers a ‘learning by doing’ training concept with the aim to better prepare participants for their future careers and to increase their business skills and entrepreneurship potential through running a virtual business. Training is adapted to suit the different target groups including secondary, vocational education and university students, job seekers, disabled and disadvantaged groups, and even aspiring entrepreneurs.

The concept can be easily transferred to other countries and institutions. The Coordination Centre in Germany provides the national offices and/or PEs in new countries with the necessary framework and guidelines.