BELFAIR 2019 at Brussels Expo
Thursday,  March 14th and Friday March 15th 2019!

Where?             Palace 1 –  Brussels Expo

More info about Brussels or where to stay.



1/ Trade fair 

We expect more than 100 differents exhibitors per day! 250 practice enterprises will present their range of goods and will try their best to convince you to place a virtual order. 

Exhibitor or visitor at BELFAIR? Click here to check out the location of your booth as well as the list of BELFAIR exhibitors.


2/ Competitions

Guidelines & criteria contests

COFEP organizes the following competitions: 

  • Elevator Pitch (between 12.00h-14.00h)

In this competition exhibitors get the opportunity to sell their PF within a limited period of time (60 sec). It is important to be well-prepared. The following questions have to be answered: “Who are we?”, “What is the product or service?” and “What is the extra value for the customers?” Every day there is another winner for this competition.

  • Mystery Shopping (9.30h-14.00h)

Throughout the fair exhibitors are being evaluated by mystery shoppers. The exhibitors do not know who these people are and when they are being assessed. The mystery shoppers precisely write down their observations. Also here there is a winner at the end of every day. No registration needed, every PE is tested.

  • Case Study Competition – Startup Battle

Participants are divided into small groups in order to discuss about a startup case.   On the day of the fair, every team will have 2 hours to prepare a marketing presentation about the case and in the afternoon they will present their findings in front of a jury. Ideal if you stay 2 days! 

You can register for these contests while registering for the fair as exhibitor or visitor.



COFEP arranges your booth, which is a Heras Fence (3,5 m x 2,0m), with a black fire-proof cloth for the fence and the table. We also provide 4 chairs.

If you wish to decorate your booth extensively, you will have to pass the security check. Therefore, we ask you to do this the day before (on Wednesday from 13.30h-19h, on Thursday from 16.30h-19h). If you only bring marketing materials (catalogue, flyers…) , you can bring them the same day of the fair.

Thursday 14/3 from  15:30  until 16:00

Friday 15/3 from 15:30 until 16:00

We ask our participants to read and respect our Guidelines Belfair 2019. 
Do not hesitate to contact us for more information: