The Association

The Practice Enterprise Network was established in 1993 in Essen, Germany as a European Union funded project and since 1997 the network has been run by the non-profit association EUROPEN-PEN International. The aim of the association is to help education and training organizations in participating countries to deliver training in business skills and entrepreneurship through the unique Practice Enterprise methodology ‘learning-by-doing’.

Global Network

Today, EUROPEN-PEN International administers a worldwide network of over 7,000 Practice Enterprises (PEs) in schools, universities, vocational training institutions, companies and training centres in more than 40 countries around the world. Close to 200,000 trainees train in PEs each year and there are national Central Offices in each country that administer the national Practice Enterprises.

Through their membership in EUROPEN-PEN International, Central Offices from member countries exchange best practices, maintain international contacts to support international commerce as well as hold trainee and trainer exchanges.

Practice Enterprise Definition

A Practice Enterprise (PE) is a trainee-run company that operates like a real business silhouetting a real enterprise’s business procedures, products and services. A PE resembles a real company in its form, organization and function.

ETF Award

At the Good Practice-Policy Forum held in Turin, Italy in March 2016, the European Training Foundation (ETF) awarded EUROPEN-PEN International and the Practice Enterprise concept their top rating, 3 stars, as well as one of the four internationally recognized Good Practices in youth business skills and entrepreneurship training.